Tempthing.com shapewear reviews

Who doesn’t love to look good? It’s wonderful to feel polished and put together. It raises your confidence level and makes you more open to others. Not only that, but we all must face it and admit that it also changes the way others treat you.

When you look nice and put on a friendly face to the world, the world smiles back. People are more likely to treat you with friendliness and respect. But, looking put together isn’t always that easy. Especially with this day in age’s fashion trends which require a trim physique.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to be super model skinny. However, it’s important to be able to smooth out those little rolls and pudges so that they don’t stick out awkwardly through your clothes. You want to present a nice, shapely figure.

Having the right undergarments can change the way clothing lays on you. It can take you from looking cheap and slovenly to looking completely put together, fashionable and therefore in control.

We all know that tight is in and that a lot of the latest fashions are clothing that hug your figure. Everything from pants, to dresses, to pencil skirts reveal a lot of what’s underneath them. It’s not like we can rely on the large skirts, poofs and ruffles of old. But even back then, they relied upon their undergarments to create a flattering figure.

We all know we have our imperfections and the little areas that could use some work. That’s just the reality of being human. However, we do not need to bring attention to what lies underneath our clothing, including our imperfections. The best is to be like a blank canvas and that our clothes do not give away our cellulite, bra straps, love handles or panty lines. Those things detract from our outfits and from our confidence.

shapewear bodysuit

So, what’s the secret? Well, just like in the days of old, we need to rely on our undergarments. But unlike old fashioned bulky and complicated undergarments, this day in age we have shapewear. Shapewear is flexible and elastic underwear that, when well made, will compress and tighten certain areas while lifting and shaping others. They can change you from looking a little pudgy to leaving you with a beautiful hourglass figure.

As I said, getting the right ones are amazing. But getting the wrong ones? Well, utter disaster! They will leave you looking like a funky enchilada. If they are poorly made, without the right areas of compression, they will flatten areas that need to be lifted and create awkward rolls and bulges. We are trying to minimize those! Not make more of them!

That’s why getting the right shapewear is really important! We need to make sure our shapers have tummy control that is secure and that they fit like a glove. That’s what makes the Slimming High Waist Abdomen Control from Themthing.com such a winner!

This piece has several bands that have been expertly designed and stitched to cinch in your hips, love handles and tummy. They squeeze your hips, provide a tighter squeeze as they go up your tummy and waist, and lift all the way up to reach your torso. The back and bottom of the piece, however, is designed for comfort and lift, so your rear assets won’t get squished in the process.

This is an amazing panty! You can get several of them so that you could wear one every day! Trust me when I say that nothing else will compare. They have it in black, tan, light purple, dark purple and mint green and carry sizes small to XXXL, so you can be sure to find the perfect one for you!

This isn’t just my favorite underwear, but the website, thempthings.com, where I bought them from is my favorite site to shop on. Great items, amazing prices and I have confidence in the safety of all my purchases. Be sure to check them out!

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