6 Fashion Tricks to Hide Your Belly Fat with clothes

The majority of women dream of having a flat belly, however dreaming doesn’t offer any satisfying results. If you don’t have a flat belly, don’t fret because you can easily hide it by wearing the right clothes. There are many fashion tricks that can help that wobbly tummy go undetected. With the correct clothes you will look beautiful and won’t have to worry about your tummy bulge.

dresses and jackets that emphasize your breasts
Tricks for concealing your belly

Choose blouses with shorter cut that cling to the waistline. Normally these types of blouses will have darts from the bust downwards, this will conceal that problematic area easily.

A second trick for dissimulating your tummy is trapezoid shaped dresses and jackets that emphasize your breasts, while having flowing fabric around your belly area. Deep necklines distract attention from going to that extra fat on your abdomen.

The third secret for camouflaging your tummy is choosing the correct colored garment. Preferred colors are black, grey, persimmon tones and dark navy blue and scarlet red. The key is to not use more than three colors in one outfit, as more colors mean the fatter you will look.

The fourth trick to disguise your tummy is to choose the correct type of fabrics and opt for flowing fabrics. Also it is important to create a vertical visual line from where your belly fat folds to the center of your silhouette. This causes an optical illusion that shrinks even the biggest tummy, especially if the fabric flows from the breasts to the hips.

The fifth way to mask your abdomen area is by using certain special accessories. First off, make sure you are wearing pantyhose with a waist trimmer, which will help to slim your waistline and conceal any of that unwanted fat around your belly area. Some other accessories to help you win the fight against the bulge are belts or straps that distract attention from your flab to the belt. These work best when tightened loosely and fall to one side.

The sixth trick for hiding your tummy has nothing to do with what to choose but has to do with what to avoid. Avoid short jackets, layering various shirts or sweaters that crop that waistline, T-shirts with large printing or logos, wide pants that are made from thick fabric, loudly patterned fabric, denim or leather.

Wearing a large unbuttoned jacket is one of the best ways to aesthetically hide your tummy and hips. To avoid looking like your grandma in this jacket, it is best to wear with high heels. This is an excellent anti-flabby belly solution, especially when worn with a fitted turtleneck and a wide flowing skirt.

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